What happened to time and distance?

What happened to time and distance?

Time and distance used to be a big deal in people’s lives especially concerning communication. I remember when my mom was in the Middle East while I was in the Philippines, our exchanges of letters through snail mail took forever – it’s an exaggeration – although that’s how it felt.  A phone call was impossible, so we mailed voiced tapes and pictures to share our special moments. It progressed, it got better.

Airmail letter envelopes (above) and
cassette tapes (below) were a necessity when the convenient way of communications between people in different locations was snail mail. (Pixabay.com)

When I came to Canada, time and distance became insignificant to us due to the advent of technology, the Internet, in particular.  Our electronic connection conquered what used to be the dreadful factors of being away from family – time and distance along with being out of touch. Through the Internet, our communications were constant. We emailed and went to video chat. We almost didn’t feel that we are at the different end of the world with 12-hour difference.

These days, time-difference or distance are not in existence anymore due to the instantaneous and incessant connections and communications that happens between and among people around the world. 

I agree with Panayota Tsatsou in her study of Reconceptualizing ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ in this Era of Electronic Media and Communications, indeed the development in technology, specifically electronic media reconstructed the experience of time and space.

The concept of time, space and distance continue to evolve as electronic communication changes and with the arrival of social media, interactions are now instant and constant. With that, there should be no one left out, no one should ever feel alone and lonely, unfortunately, this is not the reality of many people around the world. Many complain that electronic communications and social media have brought distance between people who are physically close.

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