Twiga, clothing company for a cause

Twiga, clothing company for a cause

There are times I don’t feel guilty spending, and one of those times is spending on something that supports a cause, like buying items from Twiga, a clothing company for a cause, that brings awareness about important issues and cares for homeless people.

“Spread awareness, spark conversation,” this is the motivation behind the messages of Twiga on their products. Twiga is a company that personalizes messages on clothing, bags, and mugs.

Among its products are t-shirts with political messages on issues such as suicides and homelessness among Canada’s indigenous people, as well as oppression against Palestinians, and others. They also do custom orders.

‘Let’s not forget…” These are two designs sending political message about Palestine and the indigenous people

Their logo is a giraffe, which is what Twiga means in Swahili. The company aims to embody the positive characteristics of the giant animal, such us being unique and silent but strong. Giraffes are also the largest pollinator in the world, and therefore it helps gives life and it gives back to the world.  

Some of the sample products of Twiga that are currently available.

“Twiga wants to give back too,” says Aiesha Ahmed, owner of Twiga. “Thus the company supports two local charity organizations by donating 20% of its proceeds.” Two of the charity organizations Twiga supports are 519 Pursuit – an organization that helps the homeless – and Resonance – an organization that tends to the at-risk indigenous youth. 

Empowered girls are our future.

Besides being a company for a cause, Twiga also hopes to see clients from diverse communities support each other.  “I want everybody to support each other. I want to see clients wear our clothing and spread the message even if they are not directly affected by the issues on it,” says Ahmed.  

Twiga a supporter of small business enterprises also hopes that clients would fully support the company and its cause and stop haggling for cheaper prices.  “We personally create our own designs and the finished products are handmade (Watch how it’s made). I stay up until 3 in the morning to get orders done or to prepare for our booth when we are participating at events. We are a small business, and we will not be able to compete with big companies that get their products done through machines or bigger manpower,”  narrates Ahmed. 

Twiga accepts orders for personalized messages, although Ahmed emphasizes that they only accept work that will be in line with the company’s principles.  

Twiga t-shirts are available in all sizes and prices range from $14 to $28, and they ship worldwide. In North America, orders over $75 get free shipping. 

Check Twiga at or you may contact them at Locally, you may check them at the Bakers’s Dozen (B13) event on Saturday, May 11 at 613 Dundas Street, London, ON. 


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