Free and Affordable Family Day activities in London, Ontario

Free and Affordable Family Day activities in London, Ontario


Free and Affordable Family Day activities in London, Ontario

Family is the pillar of society. It is important, and to emphasize its importance, Family Day has been assigned a date for many of us to celebrate. As parents, we make this day as special as it can be for our children, just like any other occasion, celebrating our togetherness and belongingness.

alt family bonding on Family Day This family spends time together on Family Day. Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

In relation to this long weekend, I looked around for events that families can check out and participate in, either free or at an affordable price.  These are the Family Day activities in London, Ontario and nearby areas I found. Other family or indoor places such as Fleetway, Sky Zone, Flying Squirrel, The Factory and others are open on Family Day — Monday, February 17th — some with a slight change in their operating hours and no offered family deals. 

February 15, 2020

London Public Library

African-Black woman in a head dress
Photo from Unsplash

1. Program: Black History Month Family Day Celebration

When: February 15, 2020, 10am-2pm

Cost: FREE

This will be happening at the Central 1st Floor Lawson Foundation Room, attendees will expect to enjoy the theme “Our Community is our Strength” where the Black History month is celebrated with activities for the whole family. Visitors will find pleasure in performances, Limbo dancing, music, crafts, games and more. This program is presented by the London Black History Coordinating Committee in cooperation with London Public Library.

Cineplex Family Favourites

2. Program: Family Favourite Movies

When: February 15, 2020, 11am

Cost: $2.99

Cineplex Family Favourites is a recurring event, where an ‘old’ family movie is being shown in cinemas every Saturday for a very affordable price. Every week a different movie is being played at the participating cinemas. This week’s movie is “Playing With Fire”, starring John Cena.


Children’s Museum

alt Boy Astronaut at Children's Museum
This ‘young astronaut’ explores the NASA dock at Children’s Museum.

3. Program: Family Day Weekend

When: Feb. 15 – 17, 2020; 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday and Monday.

Cost: $9/child 2 years+; $9/adult; $4.50 for toddlers 12-23 months

FREE for Members and infants under 12 months (The prices indicated in the daily admission)

Programs prepared by the Children’s Museum for Feb. 15th are:

Early Years Play Dates, 9am to 11am; Outreach: Black History Month Family Day Celebration 10am to 2pm; STEAM: Heart Health at 11:30 and the same at 2:30pm

Early Years Play Dates is for 0-5 years old children. It offers an opportunity for children to develop critical physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills in an environment designed to inspire curiosity and wonder. It is delivered and designed by the Early Years educator.

STEAM: Heart Health allows the participants to build their own stethoscope to hear their own heartbeat! It also teaches them how and why one’s heart rate speeds up or slows down. It gives children the opportunity to learn what a healthy heart rate is and the role it plays in our hearts.

Throughout the Family Weekend, visitors will have a fun time on giant games such as Jenga, Snake & Ladders and others, along with Fort Building that the whole family can participate in.

A hands-on collaborative art piece awaits the family as well.

February 16, 2020

Museum London

alt children doing arts
Children are having fun at the Imagine Station every Saturday at the Museum London, where they can release their creativity.                                                                                                                          Photo from Facebook

4. Program: Imagination Station

When: Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, 1-4pm

Cost: FREE

This is a drop-in program for adults and children. Imagination Station promotes self-directed communication, collaboration, and creativity. Studio monitors will provide you with a range of art-making activities, including painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Imagination Station is a recurring event that will take place until April 19, 2020.

Gallery Stratford at the Mall

5. Program: Family Art Sundays

When: Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, 1-3pm

Cost: FREE

This is a guided program led by a Gallery Educator to walk the participants through different art activities. This is a recurring event, every Sunday, however, the activities vary every week to ensure family and their friends will not get bored and will continue to come and be creative.

February 17, 2020

Museum London

alt artist Dean Carson
This school group is enjoying Museum London’s solo exhibition by Windsor-based artist Dean Carson during their recent visit for the Winter Exhibitions. Photo from Facebook

6. Program: Family Day at the Museum

When: Monday, Feb. 17, 2020 at 1-4pm

Cost: FREE

The Museum London presents various programs for the family on this day. Visitors can enjoy the exhibitions, take a pop tour, make art and adore a participatory concert by Magisterra Soloists string quartet that will have two performances, first at 1:30pm and the second at 2:45pm.

Century-old artifacts from the Museum’s collections will also be available, along with the hundred-year-old portrait and landscape paintings of London sites. The whole family will also have an opportunity for hands-on fun, making collage and fold a single page Family Zine they will create.

Check the website for more information.


The Bruce Hotel

7. Program: Family Day Kid Zone

When: February 17, 2020, 12pm – 8pm

Cost: FREE

A room full of fun is allotted for Family Day! This room is prepped up with a popcorn bar, board games, indoor lawn games, movie at 2pm and much more. Everyone is welcome, and although no reservations required, if you want to guarantee a spot for your kids, it is highly recommended that you call for a reservation.  Here are the contact information 519-508-7100 | 855-708-7100 |


Mark’s Anglican Church

alt Poster for Board Games

8. Program: Board Games for Family

When: Feb. 17, 2020; 1- 4pm

Cost: FREE

Sponsored by Optimist Club East London, this event is free with snacks and refreshments being provided while family plays together, enjoying various board games, cards and other entertainment. Don’t hesitate to join and get to meet and know new friends. For more information call 519-455-8160.


Museum of Ontario Archaeology

9. Program: Family Fun Day

When: Feb. 17, 2020; 10am to 4:30pm

Cost: Family (1 or 2 adults & up to 3 children) $12.00; $5.00/ Adult; $4.00/Senior; $4.00/Student; $3.00/Child (5-12)

FREE for children under 5 years old and members/sponsors

The family can take pleasure in archaeology crafts and activities. There’s also a chance to earn a certificate of recognition as a Junior Archeologist for young visitors who will explore the new feature exhibit and pass the knowledge test. Should the weather cooperates, the management intends to provide the visitors with an opportunity to build snow snakes on the grounds outdoors.

Ska-Nah Doht Village & Museum

alt ska nah doht traditional hut
About Snowshoeing. Unfortunately, the snow that has fallen is not enough for traditional snowshoes. With the layer of ice, it becomes a safety issue – too slippery! Ideal snow conditions would be snow knee-deep. More snow means more fun!

10. Program: Family Day Snowshoe

When: February 17, 2020; 12pm – 4pm

Cost: $5/vehicle

If you want a real winter feel then this program is the best option for a bonding time this Family Day. Learn about the history of snowshoeing, the different styles, and most of all, enjoy a quick outdoor lesson.  Wear low or no healed winter boots and dress for an hour or two of outdoor fun!  There are lots of woodland trails to explore, at the Longwoods Road Conservation Area or just the Ska-Nah-Doht Village itself!

Family Day snowshoe rental, weather permitting, will be available at the venue.  Everyone is invited to try out snowshoeing, one of the oldest forms of winter travel! Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority staff will be on hand to teach you all you will need to know to enjoy an afternoon of fun at Longwoods.

Expect something for everyone in the family and crafts for all ages. You can even try a bow drill! Watch the winter birds from inside or walk a trail. Then warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

For last-minute updates check their Facebook page or call on Sunday mornings 519-264-2420 to check their answering message for conditions.

Storybook Gardens

alt storybook gardens london, ontario
These boys and their families are spending Family Day at Storybook Gardens.

11. Program: Family Day at Storybook Gardens

When: Feb. 17, 2020; 10am to 5pm

COST: $13/family of 4; $4.50/Adult; $3.50/child. The wagon ride is available at $6 additional cost

FREE entrance for Annual Pass Holders and 24-months and under

This is one of my favourite family places to go to. On this day, visitors can have a family pancake breakfast at the Gardens, it is served at 11am-2pm. Enjoy skating together at the outdoor setting with skate rentals only $6.50. Meanwhile skate aids, wheelchairs and sledge free are available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important to note that children 5 years and under require a CSA approved helmet for skating.

Should you want to experience the horse-drawn wagon ride around the park, it is available for an additional fee of $6.


12. Program: Family Day

When: February 17, 2020, 10am – 5pm

Cost: $7/child

FREE for adults and infant (under 1-year-old).

Kidscape is an indoor place that I believe is ideal for children 10 and under, where parents can relax while letting their kids have fun. For Family Day, there will be Free concert by The Thinking Caps where they will delight the visitors with their performances at three different times – 12pm, 12:50pm and 1:40pm.  Virtual Reality demos from VRCADIA will also be available with admission.

If you want a chill ambiance for your little ones, this could be the place for them.

Other activities happening this weekend:

London Muslim Mosque

13. Program: 3rd Annual Youth Conference

When: Feb. 15 – 16, 2020; 9am – 4:30pm

Cost: FREE

This free event is open to youth age 13+ and presented by the London Muslim Mosque. It is the 3rd Annual Youth Conference with a theme: Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders! This event presents a great opportunity for youth to listen to notable keynote speakers, engage in learning opportunities, gain leadership skills, learn about community resources, prepare for employment and much more.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Although the registration deadline is January 15th, 2020, don’t hesitate to check them out on the day, just in case, some registrants didn’t show up.



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