I am a mom of an exceptional young lady and 3 high-spirited young boys, and a matriarch of a blended family with 8 children. I was a journalist and a college instructor, who chose to stay at home and prioritize raising my children and while at it, I finished  Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. 
During my visit to the Al Jazeera news studio in Qatar. 
I consider myself a social butterfly. I love being with people. I am a collector of people’s life stories and I enjoy retelling them.  I think every story has value, therefore is worth it to share. I love to look for information and share it with others. 

(From L-R) The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey at night; a view of the city from a hotel in Abu Dhabi; Frederiksborg, Museum of National History in Copenhagen, Denmark and the Tower Bridge, London, UK.
Travelling is among the things that I look forward to doing as much as I can, whether alone, with friends or family. A simple road trip brings me joy. Exploring different cultures is something I have been privileged with while living in Canada. I am surrounded by people of different racial backgrounds. I welcome everyone.
In 2012, from being a woman who is out and about, my friends thought it was a drastic decision to leave my career in Toronto and be a stay at home wife in London, Ontario. That was a waste of potentials to them. Not just that, I also moved to a different city where I don’t know anyone except my husband and his immediate family.
Without regrets, being a stay at home mom paved ways to much colourful discovery and enjoyable learning related to being a home manager.  During this journey as a SAHM, I found out the joy of cooking, creating, and homeschooling, and the challenge of everyday living has become more meaningful. 
In the past 7 years, I have tweaked many recipes, created my own, done many DIYs, replaced and experimented with baking ingredients, found ways to minimize, organize and declutter, and many more things that I would like to share with you.
Unwilling to give up my time with the family, especially my children, I blog to fulfill the passion of sharing information and continuously retelling stories. I  believe every story is unique and brings lessons for us to learn. 
I am your other storyteller, your alternative. With alacrity, I will bring your stories to light. Like you, I want to share the world with others. 
Feel free to send me a shout out at riza@rizakhamal.com.