About Riza

Riza Khamal is A former journalist who enjoy challenges, investigation and discovery as well as retelling stories. 

Yet, 8 years ago she chose to work from home and raise her family.

However, being home and raising her children didn’t stop her from continuously learning and enriching her skills.  Her enthusiasm in personal growth and development helped her graduate from Royal Road University with a diploma in Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

While continuously working as a freelance writer and translator, she also pursues entrepreneurship. With her love for learning she acquired few certifications related to the trade she is in. She is certified in Social Media Management and Content Marketing.

Riza is a relentless go getter with a flexible and diverse skills and knowledge to share with others. She also believes that “Jack of all trades is a master of none but often many times better than a master of one.”

What i do for living

I’m a freelance writer based in London, Ontario. I write both in English and Filipino.Check some of my clippings at https://www.clippings.me/rizakhamal


I share opportunities on how to start a home-based travel agency business. With a mission of changing people’s lives by allowing them to operate their business from anywhere in the world, at the comfort of their own home. Leave your contact information Here if you’re interested.


I have more than 20 years of translation experience for the language pair English-Filipino. I’ve been employed by Taliba Newspaper – www.talibanews.com – since 2002. In addition, I also accept work from different translation agencies.

Social Media Management

I help personalities and business owners reach their target market through a strong social media presence. Ready to help you. Book a free consultation click here.

More about me

I am a social butterfly. I love being with people. I love helping others. It’s my pleasure to make life easy for others.

Every summer, I explore our local forest and trails hiking with my children or friends. In 2019, I started attending taekwondo classes, I got my yellow belt. 

Travelling brings me happiness,  whether alone, with friends or family. A simple road trip brings me joy. In the past decade, I travelled to Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Turkey); Europe (Turkey, Denmark and United Kingdom); and Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar).

Exploring different cultures is something I have been privileged with while living in Canada. I am surrounded by people of different racial backgrounds. I am happy with everyone.

Entice me with any kind of seafoods and for sure you’ll get me.

I’m easy. I make things easy for others too. I’m a good listener. I’m a storyteller.

 Feel free to send me a shout out at riza@rizakhamal.com