11 Reasons Why Storybook Gardens is Our Happy Place

11 Reasons Why Storybook Gardens is Our Happy Place

Nothing beats my satisfaction with our purchase of annual Storybook Gardens passes. One of the best spending decisions for my children that I’ve ever made. It’s worth it and we got more value out of it.  Every time my children and I are at Storybook Gardens, we are all winners. 

Storybook Gardens allows kids to be kids. It provides ample space with various activities to focus on. It nurtures children’s play-based learning. There is no room for boredom there.

This is why my children and I frequent Storybook Gardens as much as we can. And this summer, we will be spending much more time at Storybook Gardens, because:

1. It is our happy place. Every parent wants their children happy, and going to Storybook Gardens make my children ecstatic. Even just the thought of going there excites them. 

2. Security and safety. I can attest to the safety and security of the kids. The staff there are extra attentive and prompt in responding to any of the visitors’ concern. My 3-year old son wandered around in one of our visits and I lost track of him. I immediately informed one of the staff on site and within a few minutes, my son was found and brought to me.

During our recent visit, it happened to be a field trip day of few schools, children were everywhere. It was a busy day, but the staff was able to spot a child who was wandering around alone. I heard the communication (walkie-talkie) started right away among the staff and the little girl was returned to her guardians. 

3. The boys love the amusement rides — which we can’t find anywhere else nearby. 

My boys: My boys: “It’s the fun place ever!” and “It’s the best!” .

                      Ferris Wheel. My children and I enjoy this ride.  We get on it lots of times especially when it’s not busy. We love the feeling to be ‘on top of the world’ and we get to see the surrounding area of Storybook Gardens.

                       Swing and elephant ride. My eldest son gets on the swing on his own, while my middle son can’t get on it yet, so he goes on the elephant ride. Both rides get me dizzy, a sign of ageing, lol. However, I get on the elephant ride with my 1-year old son. 

                       Slides. This is my second favourite ride here because it’s fun to race with my boys. My stepson loves this ride, he can slide there literally 20 consecutive times, although his goal was 100, we just didn’t have enough time during that visit — so maybe this summer. 

Racing with the kids at the slide.

                       Carousel. My middle son always says: “I wanna ride the merry-go-round” before we even get in to validate our passes. He rides this more than twice during our every visit. My other sons and I join him too. This is one ride that we all can go on at once. 

Carousel ride with their brother (left) from another mother.

                       Train ride. Who doesn’t like a train ride? My boys feel like they really are travelling on this ride, as it circles at the outside area of the park. As you ‘travel’ you get to watch people playing, BBQing, eating along with the birds and geese around. 

4. They can cool down at the water park. Summer means heat and playing with water comes with it. The beautiful landscape of the water park at Storybook Gardens is appealing. It caters to all ages. There are changing rooms available too. There are colourful lawn chairs available for parents who are watching their kids and of course, attentive staff is also around to make sure children are not running around and are ready to assist when needed.

5. Sensory play at the sand area. With trucks, pails and shovels available on site, my boys love to manipulate the sand and of course, get dirty. There’s a faucet around it too that kids can make use of because sand isn’t just for digging. Children get creative in this area and they get to build sandcastles. Meanwhile, parents can just sit and watch them from the shaded area.

6. Their love for jumping at the trampoline. How much energy do boys have?!? My boys always have spare energy to jump at the pillow-shaped trampoline there. They jump and slide to their heart’s content. The sweat, the huff and puff get me tired by just watching and yet they have the biggest smiles as they jump. 

7. Climbing and sliding at Pirate Island. The visit to Storybook Gardens is incomplete for my boys if we don’t go to the Pirate Island playground. On the way to it, we also have to pass by the pond and watch the fish and ducks swimming. The Pirate Island playground has climbing structures for agile kids of different ages. The slides are of different heights too, that is something parents can join in on. 

8. Tricycles or pedal cars. On most visits, we go to this area first. Then when they finish their turns — each child can only go on 3 laps on a busy day — we move on to the miniature play village. The advantage of having the annual pass, we can always come on a weekday so they can use the pedal cars as much as they want.  

9. Free play at the miniature play village. This is a really cute space where children play with others regardless if they know each other or not. There they are just being kids, sharing space and interests. A fireman costume is available at this village. Children laugh as they hop on the rubber pigs and ride on other wooden animals at the barn. They learn to trade too at the market shop and get to explore their own bank. Meanwhile, animal lovers get to treat their sick pets at the Pet Hospital.   

10. Puppet shows. Although we don’t really spend time waiting for the puppet show, my boys still go in and watch should we chance upon one. They laugh and re-enact what they’ve watched afterwards. 

11. Storytelling. Not a favourite of my boys, but the character houses are still worth a visit. Here a storyteller in costume will be reading a story to your children. Most children enjoy this part due to the narrator’s lively and unique way of storytelling. 

My boys are fixated on the activities at Storybook Gardens, and each time we go there, we spend time in the area they like for that day and for this reason our annual pass is really being used. Although it is feasible to enjoy and experience the whole park during a day-visit,  my children just never get enough of this place.

Storybook Gardens is a place that brings enjoyment to both children and parents, it is a place where memories that will last a lifetime can flourish. A children’s place indeed!

Also, the park has washrooms, water fountain and refilling station and “mist”, a pole that sprays mist at a press of the button, this is one way of refreshing yourself from the summer heat. Hungry? Don’t worry the Village Cafe will take care of you with their food that are children friendly. Ice cream, slushy and cold drinks are also available on site.

A family destination for over 60 years, Storybook Gardens is open all year-round and offers programs according to the occasion.

On June 28th, children will have an additional event to enjoy here, as Storybook Gardens celebrates Multicultural Festival Day. For more information please check the https://www.storybook.london.ca or call 519-661-5570.

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